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What To Do Before You Die: A Tech Checklist

Upon My Death, Play the Following Messages

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What Happens To Our Digital Life After We Die?

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Your Dashboard

Your information at a glance.  Summary data with a strategic view of your finances and information.




Side Hustle


All about you and the people in your life. Family, friends, partners, associates and advisors.

Your wishes; wills, trusts, directives, money, pets and minor children.

Your property; Real Estate, Vehicles, Retirement and Bank Accounts, Personal Property and Debts

Your business entities if you have them;  types of businesses, documentation and ‘digital assets’, domains and email.

Everything about your health: Doctors and other professionals, prescriptions and insurance.


Settle Your Estate


After you’re gone, your choices of disposition, final resting place, notification lists and documents

How your assets are dealt with after you’re gone.  How to transfer what you have without probate and state involvement.

All of your personal information (all of the previous pieces) laid out as simple easy to understand data.  

What happens to your stuff, especially your digital stuff, when you die?

Let's start with your gMail account. Kathy Lane, the "Probate Professor" has released her new book all about the pitfalls of gMail. Everyone uses gMail, but not everyone knows what happens to that account should they die.

Your gmail account contains the keys to all your online accounts, all your logins to banks, brokerages and crypto currency are here. There are a whole set of 'Terms of Service' that make your digital legacy on Google a nightmare.

Kathy's new book will show you to protect the priceless memories that will get buried with you and your gMail. This book is the first in a series that you will think of as a roadmap to help create your digital will.

I'm your Free Gmail Account

You think I’m yours
But I’m Not

your guide for how to save the content and keep access your account should something happen to you